how do people find angelina jolie not pretty / beautiful like I get it people have “types” and everything but come on can’t you recognize beauty!!!! if you think angelina is ugly then damn what do you think is pretty????

that’s kind of like the people who say they hate her even though she’s…


Anonymous asked:

You know these naysayers (a clique of clois shippers) who are trying to sink the Superman/Wonder Woman title might be interested to know Adventures of Superman that feature their ship is going to be cancelled (likely poor sales), the LL one shot did not sell well and their fave Superman Unchained is ending with issue #9. So all this energy they use to pan a book they don't buy yet so ironic which books are affected. Moral: don't wish bad for others, it might just come to you.

hellyeahsupermanandwonderwoman answered:

We feel for anyone losing a book they love and we never begrudged others having titles with clois. You never see us here ranting at Smallville, Adventures of Superman, Unchained etc on a daily basis. People are free to buy the books they like. .

And yes, we recommend celebrate what you love instead of constantly attacking what others love.