Anonymous asked:

I just wanted to say I love your blog and how you handle the belligerent opposers. As a father of three little girls under 10 who love superman and wonder woman, I appreciate how you handle everything. Recently, my girls were being harassed a crazy clois supporter and called names by a grown up! I definitely didn't handle it as best as I should. So, I like that you are respectful and fair to everyone no matter their opinion. Love your blog and keep up the good work!

hellyeahsupermanandwonderwoman answered:

Bullying be it online or in real life is horrid and deplorable.

We’re sure all fair minded fans of every persuasion would agree with that.

Thanks for your kind words. 



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…when you don’t’ toe the mob line about Lois, Starfire, Superman dating Wonder Woman or not dating Lois or whatever the outrage du jour of the day is.

I’ve seen this in different areas throughout my life. In the late 70s and…


Anonymous asked:

Your blog grows daily no matter the trolls rants and the SM/WW comic is still selling despite their attempts to tarnish it with lies. I appreciate when you try to be patient etc but you don't have to justify yourself to anyone at this stage. You did nothing wrong in the first place.

hellyeahsupermanandwonderwoman answered:

We grow and grow.

Isn’t that amazing. We didn’t begin this blog for any other reason than to have some fun, on the Yahoo group we had great conversations but the old style BBS wasn’t image orientated, Tumblr is, and it seemed a good idea.

Soon we’ll hit 9000 followers. We’re not the biggest blog on Tumblr, not even close, but that wasn’t our aim, we just wanted to have fun as fans.

We like to think that honest approach shows.

Anon hate is something we’ve suffered from from the start - also named attacks on other Tumblrs, but we also understand that doing anything in life - achieving anything, upsets someone along the way, 

"You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life."

Winston Churchill

So we do stand up for Superman and Wonder Woman because we feel the characters as fictional metaphors have something important to say about how the strong should treat the weak, and also about human relationships.

Answering anons isn’t about us.

We old enough and wise enough to love our enemies if only because they prove we are doing something right.

However back to the growing part. For every new follower that might be an veteran fan who understands the rough and tumble of comic book fandoms, and how the discourse can too often be the polar opposite of the values the characters represent, there is going to be a new fan who doesn’t know much or anything about comics, and the characters, but wants too, that sees something they like in Superman and Wonder Woman.

For those fans we feel need to answer some ( - not all, many get ignored, especially when they indulge in bad language, ) of the anon hate asks, if only to forewarn new fans that this kind of behavior exists.
We also hope that our answers serve our followers, because we try not to answer hate with hate - because we’re trying to remember the values our fictional heroes embody.