Anonymous asked:

(Last person that suggested the IP address suggestion) Also can you guys stop tagging your weird anon messages with Wonder Woman, most people dont really care about mindless drama with your blog, it just clogs up her tag. Thanks :)

hellyeahsupermanandwonderwoman answered:

One reply does not clog up Wonder Woman’s tag.


The tag is blighted by violence and porn - and you lecture us for one reply to one problematic anon? One out of more than a dozen questions and submissions that came into us, most answered - over the last few hours!

That said. Thanks for the IP tip. But…

Yes. We considered the possibility the anon here was a sockpuppet.

However NOTHING the anon said was unique, or unprecedented.

That tipped the balance.

The reality is - and I hate that this is true, that a small minority of Lois Lane fans behave badly, and have developed an dreadful reputation amongst other fans and creators alike. We wish the language in this ask wasn’t representative of the things they say - but it is.

Here on Tumblr, and also Twitter, etc that Certain Fans use the Fauxmance slur.

They call the pairing stupid, saying the relationship is just about super powers, and that Wonder Woman can’t relate to Clark Kent.

Certain Fans also make claims about the fanbase’s ASL - and misuse and abuse Sexism, misogyny, and feminism - in an Orwellian Double Speak fashion.

Thing is we don’t anon them and ask them to stop clogging up Wonder Woman or Superman tags with these nasty comments. Hell No, because they are free to have their opinions, and tag them as they wish, just as we are.

Lastly as for most people not caring - you cared enough to ask twice about this anon ask. And the ask in question has also received plenty of notes, way more than usual, (it’s not a cool image after all, just text) so yeah it does seem folks are more invested in the ‘mindless drama’ than you suggest - perhaps because they have direct experience of the hate themselves?



#KristinKreuk & #EricJohnson BTS pics from “LOVE LETTERS” by A.R. Gurney, TO (July 17-18, 2014) #Smallville

(Thanks to @MrSilverScott, @ElenaALucky32, @pink_lolly, @Sarah_A_Lau, @k8esilver, @jeremydsilverman, @HellenKouf, @aolbuffy29, @KrisTomLuver, @BeautyBeastBATB, @Cathy_Chandler, @simjasra, @L_P1218, @SaveEachOther, @ShannBenn, @Lamchop99, @jillcarter, @aryannaafer, @EmeraldBracken, @is_angelan, @sydn3yyy776, @chantelguertin)

Interview:  HERE


Full Gallery:  HERE