Anonymous asked:

Superman/Wonder Woman shippers are the worse. They support sexism. Only your stupid ship would have a tee shirt having Superman saying he scores . He is not a playboy and Wonder Woman is not some prize.

hellyeahsupermanandwonderwoman answered:

True Superman is not a playboy.

True Wonder Woman is not a prize.

False Superman/Wonder Woman shippers are the worse or support sexism.

Now is you are referring to a tee that a certain blog is trying currently  to suggest that it is a reason why Superman and Wonder Woman is a bad idea…we would say…well once again, selective bias and unfortunate spreading of hate of sm/ww fans (again) and  a skewering of information as usual.

DC gives  licences to many companies to create products for the market. DC themselves do not go and look over every one’s shoulder to see what they are printing on t-shirts. There are many types of t-shirts. Many are a commentary on pop culture or use the images of the heroes to create a statement or use popular slang etc. It can be humorous or controversial depending on you pov. Some people might like it, some might not. It is your choice to vote with your wallet.


So if the Score tee annoys a person,  do not buy it.  But do not try to make us feel guilty about a tee shirt that is one of many tees out there for years now that  uses the same concepts with Superman and even Lois. As well as many tongue in cheek ones that portray Superman as having a bit of a swagger or being a player.  But seems some people only see what they want to see. We know there is a difference in what is on an article of clothing for the general public (many who don’t even care to read comics but they just buy stuff for fun) and what is in comics.

This is another attempt to try to discredit DC and Superman/Wonder Woman fans because of a t-shirt that does not accurately reflect the Superman/Wonder Woman relationship. This coupling, as anyone who follows this blog know, inspires. It inspires individuals to be creative; couples to support and show their love for each other; marriage and party ideas; charity, fitness, health, and the list goes on and on. The comics have been well received by those with no shipping agenda and the Power Couple Vol 1 has been getting solid reviews.

So no, our ship is not stupid nor the fans the worse.

We are all fans and support comics and that is superwonderful.